Breaking up with Sulphates - Do you need to “detox” your hair?

Breaking up with Sulphates - Do you need to “detox” your hair?

You’re in lust with your hair care routine. It gives you instant gratification, your hair looks shiny, you’re comfortable and feeling pretty at ease with your regimen.

But is your hair really happy and healthy-looking as it can be? Or are you in a toxic relationship with your hair care...

It may be time to break up with your existing routine and look for love elsewhere…which is nothing a good hair detox can’t fix. Many mainstream shampoos, conditioners, masks and hair treatments contain ingredients like sulphates and silicones, which make your hair look and feel good temporarily but can be of serious detriment to your hair and scalp in the long run.

What are sulphates?

Sulphates and silicones are ingredients both commonly found in many hair care products, but they can potentially damage your hair.

Sulphates are strong cleansers, often also found in skincare products, that work to remove dirt, grime and oils and give products that big, soapy bubbly sensation (which is why they’re found in so many foaming facial cleansers too!). The downside? They’re so strong that they can also strip the hair of any coloured dyes as well as your hair’s precious natural oils - oils that the hair needs in order to stay strong and protect itself from environmental damage. They can also strip those same natural oils from your scalp, which can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and irritated. For this reason, sulphate-free shampoos are often recommended to those with rosacea, dermatitis or similar skin conditions, as your in-shower hair care products will often run down onto your facial skin and flare up those sensitivities.

Silicones, similarly, are beloved by many for the instant impact they can have on the hair. Silicones can deliver the illusion of soft, silky, high shine strands, and while they do deliver on that promise, they’re actually coating each strand in what is effectively a sealant- almost like rubber or plastic. The reason they make the hair appear so silky and are often marketed to those with frizzy hair or split ends is because this silicone coating is literally weighing the hair down and actually locking moisture out. Silicones also attract dirt and build-up which can also leave your hair looking flat and your scalp feeling congested.

So, why make the switch to natural haircare?

For hair that is healthier looking and for long-term strength and shine, opt for a more natural haircare routine. Where silicone and sulphate rich products create the illusion of cleaner, shinier hair, natural haircare products target the overall health of the hair.

Sukin’s new range of Natural Hair Treatments are perfect for improving the health and appearance of your hair while targeting even the most specific of hair concerns - from sensitive scalps and lacklustre volume to dry, brittle hair and dull colour.

When you make the switch to natural hair care, your hair will not only look cleaner and shinier - it really will be cleaner and shinier! Just like any detox, one-wash won’t remove years of product build-up making the switch to natural is a process, but trust us when we say the grass is most definitely greener on the other side.

How to detox your hair in just 10 washes...

First you need to build your own hair detox kit:
- Natural Shampoo
- Natural Conditioner
- Natural Treatment

When making the switch to natural hair care commitment is key! Like any detox your need to fight the urge of falling back into your old haircare habits and stay committed the cause.

Your first few natural washes without sulphates may need to be a little bit closer together than what you’re used to. Don’t stress - this isn’t your hair getting oilier, it’s simply your scalp working to return to its own natural oil production cycle and rhythm.

As you adjust to silicone free conditioners, the very ends of your hair may feel slightly drier than usual, as they aren’t being weighed down and coated with harsh chemicals. You hair is just in the process of detoxing from those pesky silicones and starting to soak up that natural moisture that it has been deprived from.

Mid-way through you will already start to reap the benefits of switching to natural haircare. But if you are still being tempted by your love affair with synthetic products it’s also important to keep in mind that Sukin haircare is not only good for your hair but for our planet. Our formulas are vegan, carbon neutral, cruelty free and biodegradable (meaning they are safe to wash down the drain).

When you reach the end of the 10 washes after only a couple of weeks you will most certainly see what all the natural haircare hype is about. Your hair will be looking and feeling better than ever before and bad hair days will have become a thing of the past. Your hair will not only thank you for making the switch to natural haircare, but so will our planet!

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