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Why We Are Crazy For Chamomile And Its Skin Benefits.

Why is chamomile such a coveted natural ingredient in skin care? We discuss our favourite skin benefits of this beautiful little bloom. 

Why We Are Crazy For Chamomile And Its Skin Benefits.

Whilst we’re all about Spring at Sukin HQ, the not so amazing side of the blooming season includes itchy skin, allergies, redness and irritation, all of which compromise our glowing and happy complexion, not cool!

Interestingly though, a beautiful little flower called chamomile, akin to a daisy, brings promise of calm, hydrated and balanced skin, and an irritation-free season when included into your natural skincare routine, and that's something we want everyone to know!

So why are we crazy for chamomile and its skin benefits?

It’s an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant all in one!

Known for its calming properties in tea, chamomile similarly calms the complexion when applied topically in skincare. For those suffering irritation or redness, this is good news as regular use can also assist with preventing any future flare - ups once the irritation has decreased.

It promotes cell regeneration! 

Chamomile assists with promoting cell regeneration, keeping the skin functioning optimally and helping to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion.

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Chamomile assists with balancing sebum production. 

Chamomile does a wonderful job of keeping our natural oils from over or under producing, leading to beautifully balanced skin and hair that is neither greasy nor dry. Its emollient properties help the skin and hair to maintain the moisture it needs while working harmoniously with your natural oil production to perform to optimum levels.

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The list of chamomile benefits go on and on, but these are our top picks for beautifully balanced, spring skin that is not dry or irritated.