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Behind The Scenes With Bianca Cheah and Margaret Zhang

Delve behind the scenes with Sukin on our first ambassador photo shoot with Bianca Cheah and Margaret Zhang.

Behind The Scenes With Bianca Cheah and Margaret Zhang

The morning of August 11th saw a small team gather at Sydney’s Coogee beach just after sunrise to kick off the Sukin/Bianca Cheah partnership.

Below you can delve into our sneaky behind- the- scenes with Bianca shots and relive Sukin’s very first ambassador photo shoot. 

With Margaret Zhang behind the lens the weather could have rained, hailed or shined and still the result would have been phenomenal; but luckily it was the latter and the kick off shoot flew by with great success.

Coffees and cameras were passed around and by 10am, the Sukin/Zhang/Cheah colab was a wrap, leaving behind a collection of images that speak ‘I Am Sukin’ louder than any words could.