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How colouring can be used as a tool to practice mindfulness

How colouring can be used as a tool to practice mindfulness

As humans, we are all unique and we respond differently to certain techniques/tools to try and enter our place of zen and practice mindfulness. For some a great way to reconnect with themselves is through meditation, pilates, self-pamper rituals and for others it can be as simple as sitting down in a quiet space and colouring in a mandala.

Mandalas have been used throughout history across a multitude of cultures to facilitate meditation. A traditional mandala is a circle shape that is filled with a variety of geometric shapes and symbols. These patterns and shapes are symmetrically replicated throughout the circle and filled with bright colours.

So why are mandalas used as a tool to practice mindfulness?


A way to alleviate stress:
Everyone juggles multiple tasks throughout the day, and sometimes our mental health gets forgotten. Mandalas are a great way to take a step back and consciously focus your attention on one task. Due to the intricate nature of mandalas, they require an attentive and calm state. This allows you to disengage with anxious and stressful emotions and re-engage with positivity through colouring!

A way to enhance concentration:
Colouring requires both sides of the brain to stay focused and can help re-energise your brain. As the patterns in mandalas are quite complex it can activate both the analytical and creative parts of the brain to help enhance problem-solving skills, motor skills and inner strength!

A way to spark creativity:
Mandalas allow you to take a step back out of your daily grind and reconnect with your creative side. This includes not only creativity through colour and drawing but also through your outlook and approach to everyday tasks. Having clarity and a new sense of focus will allow you to look at things in a new light.

Where is the best place to find a mandala and get colouring?

Mandalas are super easy to find, most book retailers have this in-store ready to purchase with 100’s of different designs, otherwise, a quick google search online or in your app store will pop up with a few handy links to get you started!

If you are looking for something quick and easy our Sukin HQ team have also picked out our favourite design for you to try at home! Click here to download.

Sukin Mandala

ECO TIP: When printing these don’t forget to print on recycled paper or opt for doing an online version!

Just like meditation, mandalas can be done anytime throughout the day, for some people it can be best to start the day with clarity and focus, for others it could be an alternative way to wind down before bed instead of picking up your phone or laptop. It’s important to remember that every day comes with its own unique challenges and trials so be flexible and build your own kit of techniques and tools to shift your energy and regain balance.

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Love, Sukin